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Learning the Bible has never been this fun! The Kaleidoscope Kids Podcast, designed for kiddos ages 3-10, engages growing Bible readers in the good news of God's Word through captivating storytelling, exciting games, and all sorts of silly shenanigans. Your kids will love learning God's word with Mr. Chris and the team from Kaleidoscope. 

Listen to the trailer and subscribe using the link to your favorite streaming platform below. 

How to get the Kaleidoscope Kids Podcast on Yoto Players

1. Open your Yoto app and select "Podcasts" and then "Add Podcast."

2. Paste the RSS Link below into the available field and select "Get podcast details": and select "Save."

3. While still in the "Podcasts" area, tap Kaleidoscope Kids Podcast, then "link to a card," then follow the remaining steps to load it onto a Make Your Own card.

Take your card out of the player and reinsert it to play your new playlist.